The profession of Technical Manager

As part of the projects carried out, LYRIS has identified recurrent monitoring issues in the technical management of buildings in operation phase:


  • Either upstream, before renovation or compliance work       

  • Either in the downstream phase, after a delivery or acceptance of new works


LYRIS regularly replaces the structures officially in charge of the technical management of the assets, and in a commercial capacity vis-à-vis its customers who have real difficulties to solve a certain number of essentially technical problems due to the outsourcing of functions in this area.


Aware of the major challenges for their clients, in terms of image and efficiency in the management of their property portfolio, LYRIS offers a customized service to accompany them in a controlled management of their property.

Pour plus d'information, contact-us. Located near Paris, we operate on several departments of Île-de-France (75, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95) as well as throughout the national territory.


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