Efficiency and Transparency associated with 

Respect, Ambition and Performance

Efficiency and Transparency associated with Respect, Ambition and Performance, these are the values of our company specializing in logistics buildings in Paris, its region and whole of France. Conscious of the importance of the human factor in our profession, we work together, and in all situations, in accordance with those.


A world of "Men"

Construction is often considered a men's craft. A world where the human relationship occupies an important place, a world where the machine and digital, although present, are not omnipresent, a world that still very happily requires the federation and the involvement of all.

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Our human values

By creating LYRIS, we wanted to display values that characterize Humans:

1 - Efficiency that guides us to a very thorough reflection of the subjects we study;

2 - Transparency that we demonstrate in our daily operations;

3 - Respect of our interlocutors, whatever their place in the organization, the best guarantee of the implication of each one;

4 - Ambition of a young company seeking to demonstrate its capabilities in a particularly competitive market;

5 - Performance that leads us to make choices without sacrificing either the quality of the finished product or the quality of the service we provide to our customers;

6 - Service & Support by listening to your needs and organizing our company to meet them.

For more information, contact us. Located near Paris, we operate on several departments of Île-de-France (75, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95) as well as throughout the nation territory.