Your General Contractor in Constuction

The idea of creating LYRIS, General Contractor in construction near Paris, happened one day, at the beginning of 2010, while I was in a position of responsability at one of the leaders in the world of general contractors. After having spent ten years building industrial and logistic buildings classified as ICPE (Installations Classified for the Protection of the Environment) everywhere in France but also in Belgium, I decided to found a structure that meets a service that the customers could no longer find, namely customized accompaniment and sufficient proximity to make them feel the way they deserve.

Experience & Expertise

Since 2010, LYRIS has established itself as a General Contractor in human-sized construction with a large-scale business know-how and the spirit of an SME. These ten years allowed me to acquire a solid experience in the field of the construction and the mastery of the trade of General Contractor. It also allows me to stay on course in a particularly difficult conjuncture since 2008 and to keep the necessary confidence in the development of the company.

A trusted partner

In 2012, it is a take-off for LYRIS, which is gradually becoming a recurring partner for its customers. Indeed, we dedicate time to our customers who want a sufficient proximity to be able to externalize with confidence a part of their constraints and develop their company. It is thanks to this philosophy that our structure could emerge and continue its progression.

For more information, contact us. Located near Paris, we operate on several departments of Île-de-France (75, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95) as well as throughout the national territory.


20, rue Pierre Curie



16, rue Ampère


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Tél. +33 1 73 79 50 79


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