The profession of General Contractor

General contractor near Paris since 2010, our business has been evolving for 50 years. Today, we play a key role in ensuring control in the management of the construction site while ensuring management of budget constraints, subcontractors and quality.

Evolution of the profession

The General Contractor business in construction developed in the 1970s, allowing owners to reduce the number of their interlocutors and minimize their financial risk by transferring it to the General Contractor.

The role of the General Contractor

The General Contractor plays a key role in the management of the site. The latter takes charge of the management of all the constraints related to the project, contracts the execution of the works with subcontractors and engages vis-à-vis its customers on the triptych "Quality - Cost - Delay".

For more information, contact-us. Located near Paris, we operate on several departments of Île-de-France (75, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95) as well as throughout the national territory.


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